Career Prospects

bachelor of environmental design – B.Envi.Des.

Graduates of the Bachelor of Environmental Design (B.Envi.Des.) programme can take up careers in a wide range of areas in the built environment industry: as assistants to Architects, Landscape Architects, Urban Designers, Interior Architects or Engineers; or as Civic officials in building and planning departments.
Graduates who wish to pursue professional careers may, after the completion of the pre-requisite requirements, apply for entry into a professional degree programme offered by the Faculty.  Opportunities also exist for graduates to pursue further studies in the different Built Environment fields at educational institutions offering instruction in the desired field, such as Architecture, Landscape Architecture Urban Design, Planning, or Interior Architecture.
graduate diploma in environmental design – Grad.Dip.(Envi.Des.)

The graduates of the Graduate Diploma (Environmental Design) (Grad.Dip.(Envi. Des.) programme can pursue one of the professional degrees offered by the Faculty.  The programme may also act as a stand-alone programme for individuals seeking to update and upgrade their knowledge and qualifications.
master of architecture (professional) – M.Arch.(Prof.)

After completion of two years professional experience with a Registered Architect and successfully completing the examination in professional practice set by the Uganda Society of Architects (USA), graduates of the Master of Architecture (M.Arch.) professional programme, may apply for Corporate membership with the USA.  They can then apply for a Practice Certificate from the Architects Registration Board (ARB) of Uganda.  In addition to career paths as Architects, Graduates may move into the Academic field, while others may apply their education professionally within other multi-disciplinary fields.
master of landscape architecture (professional) – M.Land.Arch.(Prof.) Graduates of the Master of Landscape Architecture (M.Land.Arch.) professional programme may, after completion of the required professional experience and successfully completing the examination in professional practice set by the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA), apply for Associate membership of IFLA.  Career paths exist in a variety of areas related to the built environment.

master of environmental design – M.Envi.Des.

The Master of Environmental Design (M.Envi.Des.) builds upon existing professional skills and is designed to enable graduates to work in the increasingly complex areas related to the design and management of sustainable built environments.  Opportunities exist at various levels of government and private institutions.