Year II and III Presentations, 29th November 2017.

Following community walk through surveys and national household surveys the observation is that, people live in either: poorly lit or poorly ventilated housing; insufficient or inefficient spaces; lack of or inadequate sanitary facilities; among other social, economic and environmental issues students shared in detail. With focus on reimagining three typologies: tenements or mizigothe shop house or duuka and the family home or amaka.  The fact that these typologies are prevalent suggests a starting point to ground any interventions towards promoting adequate housing.

Belgian Ambassador’s visit to the Faculty, 10th November 2017

The Belgian Ambassador visited the Faculty of The Built Environment to handover Architecture Books; an award from The Architecture Students Design Project Competition in which we came first. Thanks to the amazing efforts of all the participating students.

Year II Field Experience Presentations, 23rd October 2017.

Each year, the first year  B.Envi.Des Class of Uganda Martyrs University embarks on a quest to visit the depths of Uganda. Join us as we set out to encounter it all on the road through the eyes of future architects. Click here to visit our site.