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Major e-Cases


  • Natural resources Exploitation: A Case Study of the Niger Delta
  • Universal Healthcare in Kenya
  • Universal Primary Education in Uganda
  • ACP-EU Trade Negotiations
  • Leadership & Development Challenge in Africa: The Botswana Case
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    Mini e-Cases

  • Case 1: Quantitative Analysis and Poverty Live Development
  • Case 3: Complementary use of Qualitative & Quantitative Approaches: A Case of Accra Urban Food & Nutrition Security
  • Case 4: Budgetary provision, Disbursement and Infrastructural Development
  • Case 5: The Role of the Judiciary in Public Policy Process:The Case of Independent Candidacy in Tanzania
  • Case 6: Intergovernmental interactions in policy implementation: Implementation of National Conservation Act – (Anti – Poaching Programme/Operation)
  • Case 7: Multiplicity of interests within one community
  • Case 8: Analysis of Recent Elections in Africa: Electoral Systems, Political Parties and Policy Choice
  • Case 9: Decentralization reforms in Uganda’s Local Government
  • Case 10: Housing Problem In Uganda
  • Case 11 (Mzumbe): Effects of Government Policy decisions on firms: The case of Electronic Fiscal Device in Tanzania
  • Case 11 (Ghana): Legislations, Competition and Firms’ behaviour in Tanzania: the case of the Fair Trade Practices
  • Case 13: Monopoly of Kenya Power in Service Provision
  • Case 14: The Effects of IMF Monetary Policy Instruments in Tanzania
  • Case 15 (Martyrs): Role of leadership in Policy Development: President Museveni & Uganda’s AIDS Policy Effectiveness
  • Case 15 (Mzumbe): Influence of Leadership in Public Policy: The Case Illegal Wildlife Trade in Tanzania
  • Case 15 (Ghana): Leadership and Public Policy in Africa: the role of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation
  • Case 17: Improved Road Transport Infrastructure in Kenya: A Cost Benefit Analysis Approach
  • Case 18: Oil shocks rock newly independent Sub Saharan Africa
  • Case 19: Security and Policy issues: A case study of African Union
  • Case 20: Rural Development Policy: The Plight of Cooperatives in Tanzania
  • Case 22: Social Protection in Kenya: Interests Shaping Cash Transfer Programmes
  • Case 23: Poverty and inequality: Country Programmes to combat Poverty/inequality
  • Case 24: Social media and political mobilization: the case of the Arab Spring
  • Case 25: Successful Bottom-Up Agenda Setting: A Case of FGM in Kenya
  • Case 26: CITES & Tanzania Wildlife Policies: Effects of CITES on Tanzania’s Wildlife Policies
  • Case 27: Background to National Responses to HIV/AIDS in Africa: A comparative analysis of Uganda and South Africa
  • Case 29: Migration Patterns in Refugee Receiving Countries: a case study of Nigeria
  • Case 30: Uganda Introduces Public Order Law
  • Case 31: Decentralisation Policy & the Governance of Kampala City – Uganda
  • Case 32: Collective Action to Manage Furrow Irrigation
  • An African Amazon: Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti
  • Nigeria’s Successful Management of the Ebola Virus Disease Outbreak
  • The Transformation of Lagos
  • Further Reading materials


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